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Women’s Self-Defense with Jiu-Jitsu

Jiu-Jitsu training is a great martial art to learn for self-defense purposes.  Jiu-Jistu helps you learn how to defend yourself against bigger & stronger opponents and even teaches you how to defend yourself when you’re fighting from the ground.  Here are a few jiu-jitsu techniques:


Martial Arts Self-Defense Techniques – 4 Self Defense Techniques You May Not Learn In The Dojo

Martial arts self-defense training with a qualified instructor is an excellent way to learn the basics of personal protection. Nevertheless, most instructors have never been in a street fight. And good for them. No one should have to be put in a real life situation to defend yourself. In this article I will detail 4 street defense techniques that may not be taught in the dojo.

Self Defense Tactic 1 – Ripping And Tearing

Ripping and tearing of the flesh, hair, ears, etc. are self-defense techniques that are not normally associated with martial arts training. And for good reason. Ripping the ear off an opponent in a training class or at a tournament would probably bring criminal charges and possibly jail time. But on the streets you need to know how to fight to survive.

Self Defense Tactic 2 – Pinching

Pinching is a useful women’s self-defense technique. Many women have fingernails, either real or applied that can cause pain when pinching. Rips and tears can also be done with strong fingernails on exposed flesh. Pinching is usually effective if your arms are pinned. There are many pressure points, or nerves, that are vulnerable body parts. Attacking the inner part of the thigh and under the armpit are two such areas.

Self Defense Tactic 3 – Biting

We are taught from birth not to bite others. Why? Because the jaw muscles are one of the strongest set of muscles we posses. And the teeth are extremely hard and sharp. Biting is a defense technique that is rarely taught. When there is no other self-defense tactic that can be applied biting is extremely effective and can create immense pain.

Self Defense Tactic 4 – Head Butts

Head butts are another self-defense technique that are rarely taught. Head butts are banned in boxing and MMA matches. The reason again is that a head butt can inflict some serious damage to the opponent. In addition, the one instigating this self-defense technique could be seriously injured if their head hits the opponent’s head in the wrong way.

Most traditional martial arts classes do not train you for real life encounters. Learn to avoid getting yourself into a bad situation. But if you find yourself face to face with serious injury or death, you will have mastered the skills to survive by following these simple systems.Do you want to learn more about protecting yourself in a real-life self defense scenario? Go to and download  free Intelligent Guide For Self Defense.

Personal Protection For You

Techniques to Escape a Head Lock